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Our Commitment

Sustainability & CSR

BLU - The Eco Friendly Dry Cleaner is committed to reducing our carbon footprint, by abolishing the use of PERC from all our processing we have already made it a safer place for our team to work as well as the health benefits our customers will receive.

Exposure to PERC results in neurological, liver and kidney damage prolonged exposure can cause cancer. The UK has taken action to reduce the 90% of dry cleaners who still use PERC, by increasing legalisation to restrict licences to operate, stringent regulation to the amount they use and shop closure to misuse or overuse of PERC. Furthermore once the substance has been used to clean clothes it has to be put in to toxic landfill sights for more than 50 years.

  • 100% Chemical free cleaning

  • All vehicles operate below 110g/co2/km or are hybrids

  • 100% recyclable garment covers

  • Increased lifespan of fabrics

  • Efficient water heating & storage

  • All machinery operates on start/stop functionality

Image by Chris Barbalis
Image by Perry Grone

Community Projects

Being part of a local community, who welcomed us into their town many years ago. Here at BLU we are always looking at ways to contribute to charities and workshops in the surrounding areas.

  • Clothes recycling and donation service

  • Quarterly fundraisers for local causes

  • Annual cancer fundraiser 

  • Collection/delivery services for the elderly and vunerable 

Let the community spirit continue and please reach out if you would like to work with BLU.

Our Promise to You

We have no business without your business. We make a strong commitment to provide the highest level of clean and service to all our customers. Our core values were to abolish industry complacency through care and innovation. Our promises to you:

  • Honesty

  • Quality

  • Care

  • Sustainability

  • Innovation

  • Affordability

Should you feel that we have not achieved our promises, please reach out and speak with one of the team. 

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Our Commitment: Services
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