We are blu, a brother and sister team operating in Greater West London, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. blu was created to bring a fresh, young and innovative brand to the laundry industry.


With our family run dry-cleaners in West London being established for over 20 years you will know that you are using an established and trusted brand. After being inundated with mobile laundry requests we have now set up our sister company, blu.


Without boring you too much, traditional dry-cleaning involves a chemical called perchlorethylene passing through your clothes, this is bad for both your clothes, your skin and the environment and is being phased out across the globe. 


At blu we use a new but proven process with biodegradable, health friendly detergents and fresh water to replace the traditional toxic dry cleaning chemicals. This results in garments with a fresh smell and a soft touch, whites are much brighter and colours are more vibrant.

All our machines are state-of-the-art and comply with all EU regulations, even though our machines use minimal electricity and water we are constantly looking for ways to make the cleaning process more efficient. Furthermore, all our delivery vehicles fall below 120C02/KG, making them the most efficient in their class. 


We also offer a wide range of laundry and home products including a plant-based range of detergents for you to use at home as well as a wide variety of shoe care and handbag cleaning products.


We pride ourselves on our impeccable laundry and cleaning services. As well as our rigorous quality control, reliability and efficiency our staff are trained to the highest standards to properly identify, clean, iron and to follow explicit procedures when handling your garments.

© 2017 blu is a trading name of Corbin & Ashby LTD

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