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We are BLU, a team operating in Greater West London, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. Created to bring a fresh, young and innovative brand to the laundry industry.

Without boring you too much, traditional dry-cleaning involves a chemical called perchlorethylene (PERC) passing through your clothes, this is bad for both your clothes, your skin and the environment and is being phased out across the globe. PERC causes skin irritation and a number of respiratory problems. 

At BLU we use a new but proven process with biodegradable, health friendly detergents and fresh water to replace the traditional toxic dry cleaning chemicals. This process has been endorsed by clothing manufacturer's around the world. For more information on our process and the health benefits check out the links in our commitment policy below. 

We pride ourselves on our impeccable cleaning services. As well as our rigorous quality control, reliability and efficiency our team partners are trained to the highest standards to properly identify, clean, iron and to follow explicit procedures when handling your garments.

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The pick up and delivery service is wonderful. Clothes smelling lovely thanks to the use of their natural plant based fabric liquids. Very reasonable prices with a highly professional service. Thank you Blu for your advice on the natural liquids!


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7 Wellesley Ave, Richings Park, Iver SL0 9AU, UK

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